Monday, April 16, 2012

Live life while you have it <3

Yesterday my amazing weekend came to a tragic halt. My friend Spencer, who has been struggling with his battle against cancer for a year now, past away. Before I say anything else I think it’s important for anyone reading this to have an idea of just how amazing this kid was. Spencer was the type of kid who was always smiling. He was a talented gymnast, an athlete, and a great friend. He is the type of kid that would literally never hurt a fly and would do anything to make you smile. Even during the hardest parts of his battle he managed to stay smiling. He fought like a warrior and never gave up.  Even in his last hours, despite the emotional and physical pain he was able to give a thumbs up to his family and write “I love you” on his moms arm. At the Age of 14 this amazing kid lost his life. If only he had the chance to live a few more years he would have done something amazing.
            This is a tragic reminder of the fact that life does have a guaranteed life span. One day you’re here and the next you may not be. That is why it is so important to live life to the fullest and take the joy and memories out of every experience to make the most of the time you have in this world.
My condolences go out to the Reis family and all of his friends who are affected by this devastating loss. R.I.P Spencer…Fly high and rest easy <3

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Better “CURRY” up and get my dad to sign these forms!

I Better “CURRY” up and get my dad to sign these forms!
 Be aware:  love dorkey puns

A day after I am accepted and I have yet to fully convince my daddy! I understand all his concern because I am his baby and it will be hard for him and my mom to let go. I have never wanted something so bad in my life! Since the day I started the application I have not stopped thinking about it; it was like a distant dream! Now my dream is a reality and all I need is one signature to make it come true!
            What is running through my mind right now?
Oh, SO much! My life is about to take speed in a wild direction, full of ups and downs and crazy surprises and turns. This ride will be bumpy and it will be good or bad depending on my frame of mind and participation. This is completely out of my comfort zone which scares me and yet, excites me. I feel as if I am living in a bubble. I feel as if know one here understands what the world is, what life is REALLY like and how other people live. It not that people here are ignorant. It’s just that on long island we really don’t know about the amazing opportunities out for grabs out there to see the world. Like some famous guy once said “Ignorance is not, not knowing something; its knowing that there’s information out there and not WANTING to know it.” I won’t let myself stay in this bubble. I am going to explore! I am going to see what life Is in like outside of here! I refuse to be a person that follows the common path in life…I will make my own!
            I may be ranting a bit but I can’t stop! Some people may say I am crazy for this, and maybe I am. Maybe I’m not strong enough, independent enough, motivated enough for this but HECK I am going to find out!  No matter what other people say to try to convince me to stay, I will never second guess this opportunity because make it through this whole year or not (I will though) I will come back a changed person J

                       ( Day after writing that ^)
MY DAD SIGNED THE PAPER!!! I love him and my mom so much for this! I can not thank them enough! As well as my teachers, siblings, and my friends who supported me through this process! I will miss everyone so much! I cant think about that yet though! 

My AMAZING PARENTS!!!! THANK YOU!!! (If you are reading this!)

And this is where i shall call home for a year!! INDIA AHHH!!!

FRIDAY THE 13th destined for success?

FRIDAY THE 13th destined for success?

Today, what seemed to be like the worse day ever, turned out to be the happiest day of my LIFEEE!!!! All day I was very upset because I started completely doubting my self, thinking “there’s no way I am getting into the YES program!”  When 9th period came around I was so ready for the day to be OVER, when suddenly, I got a text from Julianne (other applicant for Yes abroad). She said she got into Indonesia and that everyone was finding out right then! Of course I was happy for her, but at the same time it left me in quite a PANICK!
Being “old school” with my “nice” ten dollar phone I had no way of getting onto my email from gym class! I immediately started waving my hand from my spot on the gym floor; it probably looked like I thought I was on fire when trying to get the gym teachers attention! I told him it was a huge EMERGENCY and I had to go make a phone call.
My sister picked up and I told her to check my email and call me back with the results. Those thirty seconds when she had me on hold were probably the most nerve wrecking, heart pounding, longest thirty seconds I have ever had to endure in my life. “YOU’RE GOING TO INDIA!” I immediately burst into tears of joy!! I ran up the stairs into gym, completely interrupting the teacher (I felt bad but it was worth it) and jumped onto my friend! “I’M GOING TO INDIA! I’M GOING TO INDIA!” I was crying so hard; it was probably very hard to understand what I was saying! A crowd started to form around me to give me a hug and congratulate me. I was literally numb! I tried to sit through the rest of gym but I COULD NOT sit still, nor pay attention to the rules of badminton (I hate badminton). SO finally I begged the gym teacher to let me leave so that I could tell the whole world my crazy news!!!! First was Mr.Gavalas, my freshman year global teacher, and he gave me a huge hug J Than I headed straight for Mr.Gillens room but was stopped by a few teachers who saw me crying and asked what was wrong. I had to respond that I WAS GOING TO INDIA ALL NEXT YEAR (I could not stop saying it).  Gillen was teaching a class with all my friends in it. I sneakily walked in while they were doing independent work and all my friends came over so…. I once again couldn’t contain my self, “ I AM GOING TO INDIA!!!!” Everyone jumped and screamed and gave me lots of hugs! Gillen made the whole class clap for me! I was so embarrassed but happy! I started to run out of the room because I had not called my mom yet! Right before I got out the door one of my friends, Jessie, who I have been best friends with since I was two years old screamed, “WAITTTT, I’m going to miss you!” All of my friends in that class froze. I looked at each person and could vividly see every amazing moment I had with each of them and got a tad chocked up. I ran out because today was my happy day and I didn’t want to think of the sad parts ONLY happy stuff J  I ran to the head of social studies, Mrs. Gordon, who wrote my letter of recommendation and she could not help but give me a huge hug and let out a scream her self. Even people I barley new I would just randomly have to say to them, “Hey, IM GOING TO INDIA….DUCES!!! ”
 I called everyone I knew, posted it on Facebook, and let everyone know! On Facebook, I was thrilled to find that I would be going to India along with Mila and Scout who are SO nice!!!  When my mommy got home we went out for some vegan ice cream as a present and talked about how we are going to convince my dad to let me go…….that’s a whole other story! But I am going to bed Happy and excited and will hopefully get some sleep despite all that’s on my mind! AHH INDIA?!?!?!