Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Happy Village" Volunteer Work-

what defines poverty?

This past weekend my host mom and I took a trip to do volunteer work for a program called “Happy Village.“ This programs mission is to bring health sanitation and education to a village that does not have access to these necessities. The village consisted of 65 homes, or thatched roof huts, filled with families of elders, parents, children and infants.  These people had been living a simple life for years deprived of medical attention, sanitation and proper education. Yet, the people I saw did not look sad like  I expected they would. They were actually very joyful! They welcomed me into there homes, taught me how to ride there bikes, took pictures with me and even took me to the fields where they grow there crops to have a round of volleyball. They taught me so much. I learned that to be happy we don’t need all the latest technology, biggest houses, and best clothes, we just need to be happy with what we have and the people we to share it with. 
            I think the reason behind my surprise at the village was that before coming to India I was sheltered from the realities of poverty. My view on poverty was that people who do not live to the same standards as I do must be sad or depressed. After seeing the joy of the people, their happiness for the life they live, and their love for the family and community they were surrounded by, I realized that having little money, or living a simple life  doesn’t always make one poor. As long as ones attitude for what they have is positive there lives can be rich.  I also learned that it is not fair of me to judge another ones culture until I understand the true realities behind it, because as YES orientations and this program have taught me is that: “Nothings wrong, nothings right, it’s just different”


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