Thursday, July 5, 2012


Me and Juwaala woke up early around seven and she skipped school so she could hangout with me!  I was feeling a little sick but that didn’t stop me from having an amazing day! We had a fashion show and I tried on all of her old half Sarries and Selvars and I loved them! And they even gave me earings! They made me feel so beautiful and my Ama (mom in tamil) would call me Cinderella and Barbie and she is so nice! Than we went over the AFS questions but I happened to forget one, how to use the toilet?  It is trickier than it may sound and juwaala had to come show me how to flush it!  Than I met Gamma (grandma) who is so adorable!  And sweet and I carried out the Indian tradition of touching her feet to be blessed by her, which made her so happy! Than Juwaala did her Indian dance, which was beautiful and amazing and I WISH I could dance like her. They asked met o dance and I was awful and showed them a really bad version of the hoe down throw down! They laughed and it was all good!                                 
            I went upstairs for a nap around two; which would be like three in the morning at home and I actually got sick and almost puked and my host mom held my head and made me feel much better! They treat me like a third daughter here and even say I am now part of the family <3
            When I woke up from my nap I felt much better. We went downstairs to bring Gamma back to her apartment. This was my first time actually on the Indian roads which are INSANE!!!!  Ill post about them later it is a very long story! I stuck out like a sore thumb and people look at me like I have six heads and its kind of funny. When we reached her apartment Gamma gifted me with a flower for my hair, and two pairs of earings and some oreos! (because they all know that they are my favorite)
            Than we went to the supermarket to pick out some food that I would like since we were going on a road trip the next day. It was here that I relized I am a giant in Asia and look really different compared to everyone. I felt everyones eyes on me in the store. We picked up some soups and noodles and candies and chips for the ride and set out for back home! Than we packed for our road trip that we had the next day and i even got to try on the school uniform which is so so cute.

 I am learning so much already about, school and social life, laws, government and history and the differences are very vast but the similarities are very interesting too because even though we live thousands of miles apart we still share so much. Like movies and music and dressings and gossips and Its all SOOO fascinating! 


  1. Ryley I am so glad to hear you are happy and safe! Your host family sounds amazing! You look gorgeous in your new clothes! We miss and love you! Can't wait to read more! :)

  2. Marissa WagenbergJuly 7, 2012 at 6:46 PM

    It sounds amazing! Hope the rest of your year is as wonderful!!!! Miss you!!!

  3. AWWWW!!! I am so excited for you! For all of us!