Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hello Home!


The sound of those plane wheels hitting the ground was the must amazing sensation of my life and knowing that this was where I would spend the next year of my life!
 We made it through customs, through baggage claim and were ready to walk through the doors to be greeted by AFS to bring us to a hotel for orientation. BUT THERE WAS A SURPRISE!!! Our host family’s stayed up late and picked us up from the airport to bring us home J IT was amazing!!! It was dark and crowded but you could still see the happiness in all of our faces as we hugged our knew second families and set off our separate ways to what we would soon call home J
            The car ride was not awkward at all like most people said it was going to be! It was amazing and happy and we were all smiling. My host parents couldn’t really understand me but Priyanka and Juwaala were there to translate my fast and excited English. When we arrived at the house I was greeted by a big cake with my name on it! And they crowded around as I cut the cake and priyanka fed it to me with her hands (which I was so surprised by the lack of forks) they thought my reaction was funny too and brought me a plate and fork. We stayed up till two in the morning talking. And I gave them all there presents, which was supper cute!  My host mother did ask about the black hair ties that I was wearing on my wrist  which I though was completely normal. But in India it looked like some sort of religious rope that showed devotion to a god so I took them off and we all laughed! We went to sleep around two and I felt so welcomed, safe, and happy and knew that this was a home I most certainly could get used too.

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