Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yenakum India Pitakum

May I just say that I am at the tippy top of excitement for my journey. Everything I see, feel, here, and taste just excites and amazes me. The differences between India and America are so vast but the similarities are all there too. Not only am I learning so much about this culture and country I'm learning a lot about myself. I have never thought about it before but I'm learning just how strong and flexible I can be. I am overcoming so many fears and learning at a rapid rate. Me and my host family get along so well and I would never trade them for the world. They keep telling me that I am there "Gift" but in reality i know they are actually mine. One day when sitting with my host sister she asked me why i loved India and my response was endless. I think the reason I'm enjoying it here so much is that i don't just look at the big picture i appreciate all the small details and constantly remind my self that 1. I belong here, 2. I can do this! 3. This is a once and a life time opportunity and every minute counts.  Every little thing that confuses me, I push my self to ask questions. Every positive thing  I encounter I embrace strongly with a smile. For the good or for the "different" I love this place and wouldn't change it for the world.

Things i love:

1) The adrenaline rush i get when i cross a road with cars and bikes and cows and goats coming from every direction
2) The family bonding times in the house when we all just laugh at my Tamil and enjoy each others company
3) The food that is making my stomach grow at a rapid rate....and the fact that I don't care because its taste so good!
4) How much I can grow to love bucket showers!
5) The funny and usual feeling I get when little kids run and giggle at me and call me “foreign girl”
6) That funny moment when I am looking out the car window and randomly see a stray cow on the sidewalk
7) That awkward moment when I wake up and my host sister tells me all the weird things I say in my sleep
8) The exciting feeling I get when I get to eat all the food with my hands including cake!
9) The friendly people in class who tell me what to do when I am extremely confused and don’t understand the teachers accent
10) That amazing moment when I stop and think “Oh my goodness I am actually in India!

 Adorable little girl....


ancient temple found after a tsumnamie 


  1. Hi Riley (and Juwaala),

    There is no person I can think of that would appreciate and enjoy this experience as deeply as yourself. You are brave and loving and open-minded and one of my heroes. Your journey didn't begin with India but many years ago when you started to understand the world around you. It will continue for many years to come because you are talented and have so much to offer. Now you'll have to excuse my grammar but we ain't seen nothin' yet.

    Your blogs are great and your host family seems wonderful.

    Enjoy your time with them, stay out of trouble, don't jaywalk.....and you know the rest!


  2. Thank you Mr.Gavalas, "Sir" (i have to call all teachers mam and sir here). It means so much that you said that! As soon as you come back i will teach you all about everything i learn! Its very different to be taking global history here in an Indian lecture style class room compared to your teaching style. I am enjoying every minute here! Thanks again for your inspirational words!!

    P.S there is NOTHING but jaywalking here and its not just jaywalking its like Jaywalking into a life or death situation but ill stay out of trouble....i can handle that.